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Photo Booth Scrapbook

First of all get a free photo booth scrapbook with any full package photo booth rental. Also scrapbooks help capture the memories from the photo booth and also come in various sizes and colors! Also the scrapbook could be  personalized to your specific wants.

                 Every event with the photo booth is unique so why shouldn’t their scrapbooks be as well!!!

We now include a scrapbook with full package photo booth rentals FREE of charge!

All scrapbooks are standard 12″ x 12″ books with pages that slide into protective sheets within the book. Therefore you may choose a book with either a black or white cover with black or white pages! Also you may choose to supply your own book if you prefer!

So the pages within the photo booth scrapbook are set out on the table. Once your guests take their pictures, they will paste one strip onto the page.  After they write their message next to it. We supply all of the necessary pens, glue and other materials needed to create your scrapbook!

At the end of the night, you’ll have an immediate keepsake filled with photos and messages from all of your friends and family

So below you will see our scrapbook options. Either a black or white scrapbook with either black pages or white pages. The scrapbook you choose is absolutely your preference and can be used with both vintage classic photo booth and digital photo booth photos.

Scrapbooks options and supplies 

Also we offer a variety of options as far as gel pens, thin and thick sharpies as well as regular pens. If you have a particular color theme, we can limit the writing colors to those specific colors by limiting the pen options!

Finally if you would like a customized photo booth scrapbook, we work with reputable vendors who can customize your book to your preferences and/or you can always bring your own to the event!

Choose the Scrapbook you prefer for your Event!

(Featured below are the Black, White and Custom Scrapbook options)

Scrapbook Samples Gallery